Our everyday actions towards the environment are planned to be all about sustainability and direct impact reduction.

Share with us our passion in searching how to minimize our planet’s deterioration.


We offer our clients the possibility of joining us to act in favor of our environment. When asking for FSC products (Forest Stewardship Council) you are embracing a chance to reduce ecological impact. If you print on papers with this certificate, you are being guaranteed that all of the materials used come from controlled forests secured to generate a responsible management of resources.

Grupo Regio in favor of our environment

  • FSC® Chain of custody (CoC)
  • Vegetable based inks
  • Printing process is 100% free of any toxic chemicals usage
  • High efficiency machinery with energy saving technology
  • Commercial agreement with Siresol Cancun in terms of solid urban residues control
  • Recycling of paper, aluminum and other materials
  • “Reciclatón” event to recycle toners and other IT equipment
  • Epoxy ink used to seal our floors and avoid any kind of chemical leaking to the subsoil
  • Inverter system on all Air Conditioning and Venting of the entire plant to reduce electrical misuse
  • Ecolsur manages all of our toxic wastes
  • Internal campaigns to save energy
  • Automatic energy saving sensors
  • Environmental Contingency Policies

Tips for your events to be more eco-friendly

  • Consider those giveaways which have a more significant amount of recycled materials and avoid using items made from endangered species and forests.
  • Think on local giveaways made with locally grown / produced goods.
  • Turn off the lights of your meeting rooms, offices and visit spaces whenever these are not in use.
  • Place specific containers to deposit any material which might be recylcled.

(Selected from the article published on Corporate Meetings & Incentives Magazine. July/August, 2010)

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© 2015. Grupo Regio. All Rights Reserved.