Ritz Carlton

Services provided:

Some of the products produced include restaurant menus, brochures, do not disturb padlocks, key holders, welcome kits for guests, and many more. In the end, we witnessed how the result of our work was reflected in the satisfaction of the hotel’s guests, which is our main motivation.

At Grupo Regio, we are committed to quality and excellence in everything we do, and this project was no exception. With the experience and creativity of our team we were able to develop innovative and high quality products that met the expectations of the Ritz Carlton brand. The trust placed in us by the Ritz Carlton Hotel is a clear testimony to our success as a trusted supplier in the printing and design industry.

Grupo Regio is the official supplier of printed materials for the Ritz Carlton Reforma Hotel in Mexico City. We have had the opportunity to collaborate with this distinguished hotel, resulting in an exciting challenge, as our design and production team has had to meet the high quality standards that characterize this brand.

Committed to excellence and attention to detail, we provide the highest quality materials to our clients, including paper, which has been one of the most important elements of the project, dedicating special care to its selection and production. To achieve this, our logistics team has worked hard to obtain it, involving precise and efficient coordination with the suppliers involved.

In addition, our design and production team worked closely with the hotel staff, ensuring that each product met the quality and expectations of the brand.

We appreciate the trust provided by Marriott International, we are eager to collaborate in future projects with them and be part of their trajectory.