Services provided:

Transat, a global company based in Canada, faced the challenge of maintaining a consistent brand image across all its destinations.

Standardizing its sales materials was crucial to ensure that the brand experience was just as spectacular on Caribbean beaches as it was in its home country.

Grupo Regio’s experience in the tourism market made it the natural choice to collaborate in this new phase of brand standardization. Grupo Regio undertook the task of selecting papers, obtaining the official Pantone colors of the brand’s graphic identity, and sending samples to the corporate office in Canada for pre-approval prior to the production phase.

This included offset printing for destination maps, custom folders, planners, brochures, operational formats, and promotional flyers, as well as large-format production of visual elements for over 200 modules, including banners, totems, promotional flags, tent cards, and 3D letters.

Finally, Grupo Regio faced the challenge of ensuring that each graphic material reached its destination in a timely manner and in optimal conditions. Careful packaging of each material and strategic planning of shipping routes were carried out to deliver the materials to Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba.

In conclusion, the logistical challenge for Transat and Grupo Regio in Mexico and the Caribbean was not only a test of the ability to overcome geographical distances but also a demonstration of the dedication and trust that characterizes this collaboration.