Digital Print of paper and packaging for your business

21 abril, 2021

At Grupo Regio, we specialize in the digital print of all types of images in order to promote your business and exploit it to the fullest. The main advantage of this service is the speed with which a large amount of material can be created and how cheap it can be; also considering that you can customize it to your liking and needs.

We have graphic designers that adapt to your company and what you need to offer you a completely unique image for you. They will create what will later be printed with paper or any other material of the best quality.

Whether you require printed stationery or packaging for your products, we will take care of their design and digital printing. In addition, we take care of the delivery logistics so that you receive it at the door of your business and do not worry about anything else.

What is Digital Printing?

Unlike offset printing, the digital printing process that we carry out begins from the elaboration of the images to be printed. We create a digital document according to your specifications and we simply press the print button. We have modern printers that work with a wide range of materials and the best quality ink.

How fast and versatile this printing service is makes it one of the most requested in Grupo Regio US. Depending on the needs of your company, it will be the material that we use in your project; paper, photographic paper, fabric, different synthetic materials or cardboard, you will choose the most suitable one.

As for the price, it is super cheap compared to other more specialized printing services that we work on. Contact us from this page with all your digital printing needs and in a very short time we will answer you with an economic proposal.

Types of Digital Printing

Inkjet: It is the most common type of digital printing, which consists of the use of a large capacity printer connected to a computer that tells it what to print. At Grupo Regio, we have the equipment capable of capturing an image on practically any surface, from paper to plastic.

This type of printing sends out small jets of ink either monochrome or of different colors. It is considered one of the most modern, efficient and fast, therefore, we work mainly with this method.

Laser: the digital laser printing is very similar to inkjet; However, in this, it is a laser that moves back and forth inside the printer to generate electricity that releases the ink and thus translate it as it was seen on the computer.

Laser printing equipment is one of the most modern and offers great performance when generating large amounts of material. This technique is highly recommended for flyers and various pamphlets that are generated by the thousands.

Digital Press: Unlike the traditional press, the digital press can generate the largest orders practically immediately. In addition, it provides a higher image quality to the final product that is not always achieved with other types of printing. Although it has a mechanism very similar to the usual method, the image is much sharper.

The problem with this printing method is that large quantities are required to be affordable. It can be very expensive if it is not produced in large volumes; If you have questions about this and how we handle it, please email us.

Sublimation Ink: If it is digitally printed images on plastic, fabric and other similar synthetic materials, sublimation is the type of digital printing more effective. Basically, it consists of the transfer of heat for the application of the desired image on the surface where it will remain.

In case you need a large production of promotional materials for your company, such as cylinders, pens, t-shirts or any other similar item, we offer you this printing service at an excellent cost and of the best quality.

Large Format Digital Printing

This type of digital printing is in great demand for the printing of spectacular signs that can range from sizes of 18 inches or more than 120, depending on the size of the place where they will be placed.

This method can be used to produce medium-sized architectural plans, banners, or posters; even graphics for fairs, murals or even large screens for spectacular in the most important points of the city.

The materials we use for large-format printing we try to be flexible and resistant to the outdoors, as this is generally where they are used. We turn to PVC or vinyl that is easy to move and handle, even cardboard, paper or foam, depending on your needs and capabilities.

Digital printing in smaller format

Just as we have the ability to offer a large digital printing service for major companies, we offer attention on a smaller scale at a super accessible price and of the best quality.

We use the most suitable printing method depending on what you need that is economical for you and that you have enough. Do not hesitate to contact us so you can learn about everything we can do for your company in terms of digital printing.

Why hire our Digital Printing services?

First of all, at Grupo Regio we have the appropriate equipment, staff and facilities to offer you a great printing service. Whether you require small runs of 100 to 200 units or more than 100,000, we are fast and efficient and attentive to your needs at all times.

Our attention is personalized, so we adapt to your company and advise you what could be effective in terms of digital printing for you. To do this, we use all the technology at our disposal that is effective for you.We also have the space to store the amount you need of your prints and, if you need more, we can simply make more as you indicate. We use different materials of the best quality and that can be used at all times; paper, vinyl you decide what you require in digital printing.