Packaging: his purpose and value for your company

30 abril, 2021

We consider as packaging those articles that are useful to protect a product in order to sell or distribute it. It may be used to take care of makeup, a catalog and more commonly to serve food and drinks with the brand and logo of the restaurant.

It is at this point that packaging is very useful, not only to take care of the product, but to boost your image as a company. You can use a simple box without color and it will fulfill its function of protecting your products, but if you use a package with a design you will obtain greater benefits.

At Grupo Regio, we specialize in the design and manufacture of packaging for all types of companies that require them for the distribution of their products. We seek that these become a way to present their services and can better capture the attention of customers.

This time we will talk to you about packaging and how they can help you better promote your image as a company, no matter in which business sector you work.

The Purpose of Packaging

The packages are important for selling products, not only to keep them in good condition, but to draw the attention of the customer and decide making a purchase. Choosing an original design to preserve the items you sell will also help you promote your image.

With the above in mind, packaging serves three main purposes:

  • Protect: The main job of a package is to take care of the products inside so that the customer receives them in the best possible condition. This has to be resistant to support the transfer, either from your store to your home, especially if it is sent by parcel.
  • Promote: A package with a good design of your brand image could be the deciding factor that makes a person decide to make a purchase. It will also help you to make yourself known as a company since you can include all the necessary information about your company such as your social networks.
  • Inform: In addition to informing about your company, it is important that on the packaging you offer every detail about the product it contains.

Although these three points are important, they do not always apply to all types of products; For example, for restaurants it will not always be useful to inform about the product, but it will be very useful to promote the place.

These would be their main purposes for which you should consider some factors that make them a better option. If you choose packaging that can be reusable, has a great visual design, or can be easily handled, the value of your products will increase.

The Added value of a Package

Good packaging will give your products extra value that a simple cardboard box will not be able to provide. This is the first contact they have with your product and just as it can be love at first sight, it can also change the customer’s opinion a lot, especially if it is the first time they buy with you.

The three purposes that a packaging has is what gives it that extra value since in this way your client will have a greater approach to your company. No matter how good your product is, if it has a bad packaging it will subtract points from its presentation. If it is a delicious hot dog, it is not the same to serve it on a simple plate to a personalized tray with the logo of your restaurant, even if it is made of the same material.

The factors involved in keeping a customer are many; The quality of the products, the personalized attention you give them and a good service will be the most decisive, but a quality and distinctive packaging will complete the experience of buying with you.

How to choose a good Package

Before finishing the blog, we will give you some tips so that you can choose the most suitable packaging for your company. The image is very important, but it is only as valuable as the materials with which it is made.

First, think about the image you want to give with your packaging and try to make it original and very much in line with your company. Include your colors, your logo, and any other design factors that distinguish you from all your competitors.

Whether you sell food or have an online makeup store, you need it to be the ideal size to store your productsIf it is too big, you run the risk that it will be damaged when you reach your destination or that it will look smaller than it really is.

The next thing that you must take into account is the resistance it must have; if it is fragile, it will require packaging that offers greater security. In cases where the products are very heavy, the packages do not always withstand long trips, much less when they are sent by parcel.

The resistance also must consider external factors, not only of the product; To serve food you will not need very thick materials unless it is a home delivery and you want it to be preserved as if you were serving it in your restaurant.

The same is true for other products; You never know where it will pass on the way to the buyer’s house, if it will get wet or if it will be exposed to other factors, so try to make it very enduring.

Finally, consider that it is easy to open and handle; If the customer struggles to open it, the product may be damaged.

At Grupo Regio US, we design and manufacture quality packaging for any commercial sector; No matter in which field your company develops, we will produce packaging that is useful and perfectly reflects your image. Contact us and receive more information about our work and what we can do for you.