How to pick quality Packing to transport your merchandise?

3 mayo, 2021

The packaging that you give to your products is very important for the image of your company; however, it is vital that the packing they are in is strong so that it can hold up all the way from your store to your customer’s home.

It is important that you choose the best materials according to your products that can contain them in the best possible way and that are not affected by external factors that could compromise the integrity of the purchase.

By contemplating this very well, you will save a lot of money because if you choose a material that does not affect your products you will avoid claims or returns for products damaged during the transfer of the merchandise.

At Grupo Regio US, we have different packaging options fromwhich you can choose the one that best suits you. Here we will personally advise you on which is the best quality for your company for the products you sell.

Packing for transport

The main function of packing is to preserve products, whatever they may be, safely to their destination from where they are produced. However, depending on the type of packaging, the material for the transfer will be different and you have to pay close attention to this.

In general, there are three types of packing; the first are those that are directly in contact with the product. Generally, this does not require materials that are too thick, just enough so that no part of the product is spilled or lost. It is not usual to use this type of packaging for shipping.

The other two types of packing are ideal for transport; The second type of packaging is the one in which you can store your products so that your client can take them with them. They are usually sturdy enough for a trip from a physical store to home, whether it’s a plain box or a plastic or paper bag.

The third type of packing is the one that must be more resistant than the others; It is generally used for products that are fragile or that will go a long way to reach their destination. It is also used for parcel shipments that perfectly preserve your items.

Depending on the delivery objective, it will be the most suitable for you; an online store will require especially the third type of packaging unlike a physical store that can offer simpler packaging.

The protection of the merchandise is very important and to each package you can add the seal of your company. This will boost your commercial image and will serve as a promotion when it reaches your client.

The best packing materials

Depending on the type of packaging, it will be the material you need for your products; wood, glass, plastic or metal are very good options. However, the safest and lightest for transportation are paper or cardboard packaging, which can contain your product and protect it.

Paper Packing

The secondary packaging is that more paper is used for transportation; they are simpler and they take care of the merchandise of the light, the dust or the humidity that is in the environment. They are flexible, natural and very useful for your buyer to safely carry their purchase until they get home.

Also, they can be used in the food industry with food packaging that can preserve food without spilling. For this, there are plates that and glasses that can contain all kinds of dishes, especially if you have home delivery.

Cardboard Packing

Home shipments are better with packaging that is resistant to the entire trip that a parcel makes. These packages help to preserve the products on longer trips and resist shocks or climatic factors, as they can take a few days to reach your home.

They are ideal for fragile products or those that are very heavy and can affect things outside. In them, you can perfectly include your logo and promote your company in a cardboard box.

A good packaging will not only take care of your products, but it will also be effective to promote your company wherever your products go in the transfer of your store to its final destination. Therefore, when you are looking for the best way to protect your merchandise, think about the design that your packaging may have.

At Grupo Regio US, we offer you different packaging options for your products that can protect them at all times and also have an original design. Think about your customers and the losses you can have if your merchandise does not arrive in good condition at its destination and provide them with a better service. Contact us from our page or through any of the telephone lines that we have available.