Printing service with high storage and distribution capacity

15 abril, 2021

At Grupo Regio, we have expanded our service capacity and as a result, we crossed borders and installed our first printing service facilities in the United States. We take all of our attention with storage and distribution to any location.

At Grupo Regio Miami, we offer you printing services, packaging for food and beverages, a modern distribution system, signage, printing platforms and digital menus, all from the best designers in the country and with the best quality materials for your business.

We fully adapt to your company to offer you the best printing service that suits your services. If you require a new packaging for your products, a digital menu or signage for the correct operation of your factory with Grupo Regio, you will have the best service with us.

We specialize in offering a digital printing service of the best quality with comprehensive care; same that all our clients can confirm. We have worked with companies belonging to different commercial sectors, from small and medium-sized companies to high-level transnational companies.

To all of them, we give an exceptional printing service appropriate to their capabilities and that they manage to meet their needs, without lowering our quality standards.

Grupo Regio Printing Services

We have a wide catalog of printing services in various formats, always in digital or offset printing, depending on what you need. With offset printing, oily ink is applied to a metal plate; instead, for digital printing, we turn to high-capacity printers.

Regarding the design of your material, with us you will have various options at an excellent price so that you can choose the one that is perfect for you, not without first giving you some advice regarding what would be most useful to you. Regarding graphic design, the expert group in design that collaborates with us will use all their knowledge to create images that fully represent your company and that distinguish you from your competition.

All the printing service that we have in Grupo Regio US is duly coordinated, from the attention of the graphic design department until you receive the final product in your company. For this reason, we have large warehouses to store all the material and equipment, as well as the logistics of delivery at the door, as you indicate us.

At Grupo Regio US, we want you to have the printing service you deserve, which is trustworthy and gives you the peace of mind and security that your product will be on time, in perfect condition and just as you asked for it. These are all the services we offer you:


If it is digital or offset printing, with us you will have the best technology that meets your needs 100 percent. We have the ability to print menus, flyers , packaging, books, brochures, business cards, invitations and many more items with the highest quality paper and ink.

F&B Packaging

If your business is a restaurant, at Grupo Regio Miami, we print food and beverage packaging to give your dishes your personal stamp. All the material we use for these packages is completely non-toxic, so it will not affect your guests and it will not change the delicious taste of your food.

It doesn’t matter what your restaurant is, whether you sell hotdogs or burritos and need a box to serve them; or you have a cafeteria and you require disposable cups with your company logo to serve your coffee; We offer you different types of containers completely customizable to your liking.


We know that as an online store you require a material Fulfillment service for the pre-print job. We have the storage space and the logistical capacity to deliver all the equipment you need for your company anywhere in the world.

The JIT Software (Just In Time), which you can check from our page, will allow you to monitor in real time the status of your deliveries; The only thing you will need is your username and password, the same data that we will give you.


The signage is very important for any business, regardless of the commercial or industrial sector in which it plays. Help workers and customers to know important points of the premises such as bathrooms, emergency exits or where the extinguishers are in case of a fire.

However, we not only carry out signage of this type, but we also have the technology and manpower to create large signs for your company; from large metal letters, to spectacular and illuminated signs that represent your company.

Every company requires these printing services, either to make your company stand out or as security methods within your company. All the technology, material and knowledge to carry them out is owned by Grupo Regio Miami.

Web2Print Platform

The Web2Print platform that we have at Grupo Regio US will allow you to select various preloaded marketing products and customize them to your liking. From this, you can request your printing service from there, without having to come to our offices.

Digital Menus

Instead of having a printed menu that wears out and you have to change every so often; we offer you a modern digital option for your restaurant. Through a QR code, your customers can access your digital menu, which you can update at any time.

We have a platform where you can access from any cell phone and make the modifications you like. We will give you your username so that you can enter without problems.All the attention that we provide in Grupo Regio US of printing services is completely quality and personalized according to your company. If you require our attention, you can contact us from this page and one of our advisors will contact you. Whatever you need in terms of printing, you will find it with us.

If you want a quote for a special service, do not hesitate to send an email to or you can dial (998) 8 81 81 00 ext. 186.